East Coast Championships: Competitors Division (Team)

East Coast Championships: Competitors Division
Jan. 25 - 26th, 2014
***Mandatory Individual Athlete Meeting on Friday, Jan 24 @ 6:00 PM***

Seaport World Trade Center
200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210

Saturday (25th) will be an individual competition - One Division (no scaling)

Sunday (26th) will be a team competition - 2 guys, 2 girls per team

$13K Prize Purse


  • Registration Fee: $325.00

  • TheBoxHQ Service Fee: $1.00

  • Total: $326.00

  • Registration Deadline Passed

Event Divisions

Rx - Team

Team of 4, Rx Only 2 Guys, 2 Girls.

Event WODS

    Order of Athletes: Male – Male – Female – Female Details: Dumbbell snatch, 5 right arm/5 left arm – both heads of db touch the ground. Time Cap: 6:00
  • THE 70S
    Order of Athletes: Both Males, then both Females Details: This event starts exactly 3 minutes after the time cap of the “Relay Sprint”. There will be two bars for the men to complete the bear complex. You choose who does the heavier and lighter weight. You can switch bars once the complex is completed. Both athletes must meet (this is a deliberate pause) at the top of the clean, the bottom of the squat, the top of the jerk, the back rack, the bottom of the back squat and the top of the jerk from the back. Girls will be stripping the weights off the guys bar and same rules apply. Time Cap: 25:00 Minimum Work Requirement: No minimum work requirement.
  • ROW 40-40
    All four athletes start the row together. Everyone will have their own rower. Details: Athletes can start the muscle ups once they finish the 2K (don’t need to wait for teammates). Every team member must complete at least 1 muscle up. Dead lifts are done in guy/girl pairs. Both guy and girl must met at the top of every dead lift. You can switch athletes as need to accomplish the 40 muscle ups and 40 deads. Time Cap: 16:00 Minimum Work Requirement: No minimum work requirement.